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Terms & Conditions


Advertising is for 1 year terms automatically renewing until terminated by the advertiser.


Rates are paid in advance on a yearly basis and no refunds are made if the advertiser terminates their advertising part way through a term.


All advertising shall be commercial advertising in "good taste" and conform to the standards as provided by the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, as approved by the City. 

Advertisers that use a banner that contains a photo of a person are responsible for their own plastic ad cover as it creates a significantly higher chance of vandalism (people have been known to "burn" the eyes out). 


Advertisers are responsible for replacing their banner if it becomes damaged by any cause beyond the control of agrees to replace the banner in a reasonable amount of time once receiving the new banner, without any penalty for lost advertising time.


If the City, for any reason, requires a bench be removed, agrees to move the advertiser's banner to another open location for the remainder of the term.  The advertiser may choose from the list of open locations.


If the advertiser requests to move their advertising to another open location during the term of their contract, they agree to pay an additional fee.

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